The Idea

We started this organization in the fall of 8th grade. We are three passionate young women who want to see this beautiful world change for the better. After all, we are the future generation. It is our moral job and responsibility to do our part. 

Our shop is launching soon, but in the meantime we want to spread the word about our organization. If nothing else, we hope you can learn something from our Current Causes page about some of the most current problems in today's world. 

To create this organization, we decided to connect our passion to create with our passion for change. This organization is everything we've ever dreamed of creating and we are in love with every part of it. We hope you love it as much as we do.

-Riya, Emi, & Skylar 



Find out more about our organization, mission, and behind the scenes processes. 

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Browse our latest collections that will be available to purchase as soon as our shop opens. 

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